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Campus Life Guide

      As most of the international students in our university is from Muslim country, we have open the Muslim canteen for the convenience of Muslim students, and we received a good response. Now we are endeavor to open an Indian window at the canteen for the convenience of Indian students, we are doing our best for the purpose of providing a more comfortable environment for all international; students.
      Canteen at Nanchang university Qianhu Campus:
      1. main campus
      First canteen and second canteen located in the opposite of the teaching building, beside the Dormitory #1-4.
      0791 canteen—third floor of first canteen;
      Muslim canteen is located in the opposite of teaching building, beside the First canteen;
      The third, fourth, sixth and seventh canteen is located between dormitory #5-18;
      The ninth and tenth (Tianjianyuan canteen)—between dormitory #19-27
      2. Medical college:
      The first canteen—beside the dormitory #5
      Muslim canteen – second floor first canteen.

      The Usage of “Campus Card”
      Campus card is equivalent to the student certificate, is can be used at Nanchang university for dining, Sports and fitness,charging electricity for dormitory,opening bank account,etc..Details are as follows:
      1. Recharging campus card: please go to campus card serving center(students’ dormitory #9 ,#28) to recharge the campus card in person.
      2. Charging electricity with campus card and enquiring electricity balance: campus card can be used to charge electricity and enquiry electricity balance on the machine located on the first floor of international apartment, on the premise that the campus card has remaining balance.
      specific method: place the campus card on the contact area on the right side of the machine, then input your password (last 6 digits of passport number), input the room number on the first line(format:gj+room number), if room is under the 10th floor, please add a 0 at the beginning of room number, input the pass word on the second line, then you may enter the the interface; the interface shows the button for enquiring electricity balance and recharging electricity, click to enter; in the interface or recharging, input the RMB amount you want to recharge on the first line, or input the watt amount you want to recharge on the second line. Click to finish and exit the interface.
      3. Apply for guy card with campus card: bring your campus card to the natatorium of our university, you may apply for gym card in the gymnasium.
      4. Purchase warm water with campus card.
      5. Apply for internet access with campus card: bring campus card to china telecom to apply for internet access.
      6. Campus card lost and apply for reissuance: please go to the campus card serving center to apply for reissuance, reissuance fee is 20 yuan.

      Opening Bank Account
      1. After enrollment, please go to China Construction Bank to open a bank account (you may also apply for a bus card for the convenience of using public transportation).
      2. When opening bank account, please bring your passport.
      3. After opening bank account, please inform the account name and card number to your instructor. if there is any living allowance to students, the living allowance will be remitted to the bank account.
      4. Pleasekeep your bank card in a safe place, if international students (including students who is granted living allowance) lose his or her bank card, you may go to china construction bank to report the loss and apply for the reissuance of bank card. Students who are granted the living allowance should report the new bank card number to the instructor in time.

      1. The bus stop around Nanchang University:
      1) Bus 225, available stop is Qianhu Xiaoqu stop, Qianhu Yingbinguan stop and Jiayan lukou stop (near Gate 5 of Nanchang University)
      2) Bus 245, available stop is Nanda Beimen stop( Gate 3 of Nanchang University)
      3) Bus 222, available stop is Qianhu Xiaoqu stop, Qianhu Yingbinguan stop and Jiayanlu DongkoU stop;
      4) Bus 512, available stop is Qianhu Xiaoqu stop, Qianhu Yingbinguan stop and Jiayan lukou stop;
      5) Bus 708, available stop is Qianhu Xiaoqu stop;
      6) Bus 310, available stop is Qianhu Xiaoqu stop, Qianhu Yingbinguan stop and Jiayan lukou stop( this bus is night bus service, operating from 7 pm to 23 pm)
      7) Airport express bus service #3, Nanda Beimen stop( Gate 3 of Nanchang University)
      2. To Nanchang train station,: please take bus 225 at Gate 5 of Nanchang University, starting stop is Jiayan lukou, last stop is Laofushan Huayuan, take 5 minutes’ walk to get to the train station. 
      3. To city center Bayi Square:
      1) Please take bus 225 to Laofushan Huayuan, and change bus 2 (inner line ) then get off at Bayi Guangchang stop.
      2) Take bus 245 to Childrens’ Hospital, change bus 2 (inner line) and get off at Bayi Guangchang stop.
      4. To Changbei international airport: please go to gate 3 of Nanchang university, and take Airport express bus service #3 to Changbei international airport(Please note: for details of bus operating time please check the time table at each bus stop, as the operating time might be different from summer to winter)