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Jiangxi Provincial Government ScholarshipChinese Government ScholarshipChinese Government Scholarship – University Program
Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship
  Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship for international students is established by Jiangxi provincial government. This scholarship is for the friendly, excellent international students (without students from Hong Kong and Macao included) whether he already studies in China or not and covers doctoral degree, master’s degree, bachelor’s degree and advanced students who study in China over 6 months. 

  Categories of Scholarship
  Category A: For international students for doctoral and master degrees (CNY 25,000 in a lump sum). There are 5 quotas in all.
  Category B: For international students for bachelor degree (CNY 20,000 in a lump sum).There are 5 quotas in all.
  Category C: For students studying Chinese language in Nanchang University for at least half year (CNY 6,000 in a lump sum). There are 5 quotas in all.

  (1)Applicants should be foreigners with foreign passport, be kind to China and in good health condition.
  (2)Applicants should abide by the law and regulations of Chinese government, conforming to the admission requirements of the school with academic excellence and good moral characters.
  (3)Applicants who want to study Chinese Language or any related major for degree program should have relevant Chinese language level and provide related certificate such as HSK certificate or any other Chinese study or exam certificate. 
  (4)Applicants should not be holding scholarships of any other category at the same time.  

  Application Documents and Process
  The Application usually stars from April to May every year.
  Application Documents in Duplicate:
  (1)Application Form for Jiangxi Provincial Scholarship
  (2)Notarized highest education diploma and transcript attained.
  Prospective diploma winners must submit official document issued by your current school to prove your current student status or expected graduation date. 
  Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.).
  (3)Photocopy of the passport photo page.
  (4)Health certificate
  (5)Recommendation letters (only for master and doctor students)
  (6)Study plan in China (for the freshmen)
  Notice: all the application materials will not be sent back. Incomplete application document will lead to rejection.

  You can either email your scanned copies of application documents to us ( or post original docuemtns to International Students Admission Office (Address: International Exchange College, Nanchang University, 999 Xuefu Road, Honggutan New District, Nanchang, Jiangxi, P. R. China; Zip Code: 330031; Tel: +86 791 83968702). Also you can log in the online application system ( to make a direct application and submit your documents. We will reply to the students in 5 working days.