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Introduction to International Education Center(IEC)


The International Education Center (International Exchange College) is an affiliated department of Nanchang University (NCU) on enrolling and managing international students and also students from HongKong, Macao and Taiwan, providing them with logistics services, undertaking the exchange work for international and interscholastic students, teaching overseas students Chinese and Chinese culture, administrating and guiding the foreign affairs involved in Chinese-foreign cooperative education programs as well as Chinese-funded education programs (including overseas Confucius Institutes).

The center located in Qianhu Campus of Nanchang University, is a demonstration base of the Ministry of Education for overseas students studying in China and is credited as one of the advanced HSK examination sites by the Chinese Testing International Co.,LtdCTI). The center has the following divisions: Division of Program Development and Management, Division for International Student Enrollment, Division for International Student Development, Division for International Student Affairs and Division for International Student Dormitory Management.

Relying on the advanced educational resources of all majors in Nanchang University, the center can meet the needs of students from outside of mainland China and from abroad for learning programs at different levels, such as academic education, non-academic education, short-term and long-term Chinese training. The center has also been qualified to exempt students from Hong Kong and Taiwan from examinations when enrolling. Up to now, a total number of 1359 students from 69 countries and regions or from outside of mainland China have been studying in the International Education Center and the center has successively cooperated with high-level universities or colleges of the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions to carry out joint training programs, student exchanges, overseas summer camps and winter camps. It is commissioned by the National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (NOCFL) to set up Confucius Institutes at the Université de Poitiers in France, Hasanuddin University in Indonesia, the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain and Confucius Classrooms at the French Kailan High School and the Indonesian Adela Islamic School.

Under the guideline proposed by the Ministry of Education for overseas students studying in china to scale up the enrollment, optimize the structure, standardize the management and guarantee the quality, the center will make great efforts to develop the educational undertakings for overseas students, carry out international cooperation and exchanges, run well the overseas Confucius Institutes, promote Chinese teaching and publicize Chinese outstanding culture so that it can make positive contributions to enhancing the international atmosphere in Nanchang University and accelerating the global strategy of Nanchang University.